A 'Sopranos' Prequel is Coming

Were you a fan?  I was a HUGE fan.  I got into The Sopranos when it was about to start its 3rd season.  I was in college at the time at American University and I commuted.  I also waited tables at Mama Lucia's in the Bethesda and lived with my parents in Clinton.  Every Monday night I would bring a pizza home with me and my friend Kate would come over with her Sopranos DVDs and we would binge watch the show and eat WAY too much pizza.  It was the O.G. binge watch.  

I was also VERY disappointed with the way the show ended.  It felt like a cop out.  Like... what WAS that?  It WAS a cop out, right?  I mean, Lost ended horribly but The Sopranos ending was just lazy in my opinion. 

I'm looking forward to this prequel, and even though James Gandolfini wouldn't have been in it based on what time period it's said to take place in, I will miss seeing him.  What a loss to the acting community his death was.  

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