Inspiring Instagram Pics Raise Questions about Stepping on the Scale

To be 100% honest, I've noticed a jump in the scale over the past month or so and I've been really, really annoyed and frustrated by it.  I work out every other day.  I eat clean 9 times out of 10 and drink half my weight in water.  I honestly am the beacon of fitness, but I'm gaining weight. I know it's easy to tell others, "Muscle weighs more than fat" but it's hard to tell yourself that's all the number means staring back at you first thing in the morning.  

One day this week I was asking my husband if he thought I had gained weight and he said no (good, Justin) but I saw that number on the scale go up again so I was thinking, what am I doing wrong?!!  Can I only eat lettuce and lemon now?? 

This picture was shared by my spin instructor on Facebook at just that time and it was exactly what I needed to see.  I've heard so many people tell you to ditch the scare and take measurements instead.  To be honest, the scale doesn't really fit in our bathroom, so maybe I'll take it to curb just in time for trash day ;) 

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