Owners Are Getting Matching Pedicures With their Dogs

I can't tell whether this is pampering or torture! I cannot imagine what my dog, Lia would think of getting her a pedicure and getting her nails painted... especially to match Eleanor (let's be honest, there's no way I'm doing this). That dog would do anything for her human so she probably would sit still with her at the puppy nail salon as long as Eleanor was sitting next to her singing her a little song, as she often does. The two of them are pretty adorable together, not gonna lie.

Do you remember Soft Paws? They were these caps that you put on your cats nails to prevent them from scratching things, which sounds awesome because it doesn't hurt them like declawing and it saves your furniture from turning into a scratching post... except they are expensive and Camilla bit hers all off within 48 hours. Cats are destructive... that's just all there is to it, but we love them none the less.

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