Why Acupuncture Is Part of My Regular Self Care

I just so happened to have my regular acupuncture appointment today when I realized it was National Relaxation Day. I love this made up holiday, and am so glad it gave me the opportunity to talk about the love I have found for acupuncture. About three years ago I threw out my back. It was excruciating. I had to get an MRI, go to physical therapy, take muscle relaxers, the whole nine yards. I tried everything for the pain, but all the pain medication did was make me feel drugged. My neighbor at the time recommended I go see her acupuncturist who helped her when she was pregnant with her second child and experiencing a lot of pain. I went to Juliet for the back pain, but long after the back pain subsided with help from physical therapy and the STEM machine (I love that thing) I kept going back to acupuncture. I realized one day that after I went I would have a much better and more creative on-air show. I realized that my allergies weren't sneaking up on me when they were affecting everyone else around me, and I wasn't taking any allergy medications. I realized that I had much clearer spacial recognition. I know. I know it sounds weird, but however acupuncture works in clearing out blocked channels, it helps with your overall point of view, and that includes the lay out of "feng shui" of a room. Sound crazy? It even helped my husband stop snoring. I struggled for years of no sleep with Justin's snoring and tried everything. Rolling him over. Elevating his pillow. Making him stop drinking. Acupuncture, helped... and it's the only thing that did.

This isn't an endorsement or a paid advertisement, I just want to share with you something that helps me to relax, recover and balance. Reach out to Juliet. She's amazing!

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