Cancer Causing Chemical Found in a Number of Decaf Coffee Brands

Unreal. There are a number of national coffee brands that are using methylene chloride to decaffeinate their coffee. This cancer causing chemical is banned in make-up and most paint strippers, but the FDA approved trace amounts in coffee as a way for big companies to decaffeinate their coffee. I am in shock. The story I posted below from WJLA interviews a mother who drank decaf coffee throughout her three pregnancies, as expectant mothers are told to avoid caffeine. A number of these major coffee retailers were interviewed and almost all declined to answer any questions. I have always been a bit of a coffee snob and make it a point to support local roasters because I think their coffee is far superior in taste and quality. This story supports my belief. Find a local or favorite small batch coffee roaster and find out how their coffee is decaffeinated. They should be able to tell you the method they use. If you are lost on where to start from, check out Notting Hill Coffee in Lewes, DE and Zeke's Coffee, based out of Baltimore. I am a regular drinker of both. Not to mention, you are supporting a local business during a recession so you can feel good about that as well.