Tips to Manage Your Anxiety This Election Week

It's a real nail biter this time. Most of us feel VERY strongly about which candidate should win, and tensions are heated amidst a global pandemic and recession. I have honestly felt so anxious about election day, when I thought of it I felt nauseous. Today, I'm managing my anxiety better. Maybe it's because I started to day with cavities drilled at the dentist!

Fortunately, a local psychiatrist shares her tips on how to maintain your anxiety today, and the entire week as we wait for those elections results to come rolling in. Our friends at WJLA have shared the tips on the blog posted, but here are some highlights:

  1. Limit your caffeine intake
  2. Limit your social media intake! (couldn't agree more with this one)
  3. Take a walk (any exercise will help relieve some of that pent up anxious feelings)
  4. Find someone you can talk who agrees with your political beliefs
  5. Breathe (I highly recommend the headspace app for a little guided meditation. It'll help slow those racing thoughts)
  6. Distraction (I interpreted this last one as "shopping". You do you!)