First Time Cooking a Turkey?? Here's How Many Days It Will Take to Defrost

A lot of us are making our very first Thanksgiving dinner this year, which means there are going to be a lot of calls to moms and dads, grandmothers and grandparents to ask how they cook the turkey and all the sides.

Step one. Make sure you take the turkey out of the freezer in enough time to that it is not frozen when it goes in the oven on Thanksgiving morning! I have never cooked a turkey, and I won't be doing it this year as my husband and father-in-law are more well-versed in that aspect of the kitchen. I will make a few sides, and a few pies... and I've already prepped the homemade cinnamon rolls to have for breakfast. I actually mentioned making them on the air earlier this week. Here's the recipe I use for the cinnamon buns!

There's a handy chart in this blog for the number of hours or days your turkey will need to defrost. Don't wait!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!