Kelly Ripa Showers With an Orange to Test New Internet Challenge

Another day means another internet challenge, and this one involves bringing your fruit into the shower with you. Sounds weird, right? Well, if you catch this on the day I write it, you can check out Kelly Ripa showering with an orange on her Instagram story. Hopefully she posts it because the you tube videos I found on this subject were much more annoying, like the kid I posted below who apparently has never peeled an orange in his life.

Why are people doing this? One, because they're bored. Two, they claim the orange tastes better if you eat it in the shower. I guess it has something to do with the steam and the orange peel? Who knows.

I'll pass on this one, I don't really like oranges to begin with. The tortilla challenge however is a home run. Even The Washington Post got behind that one and released some inspired recipes in their latest Food section.