Ways To Help Those In Texas Greatly Impacted By Winter Storms

It is unreal what's happening in Texas right now. So many are without power, and even water as their water supply is now becoming unsafe to drink. The issue is their electric grid basically shut down as it can't handle the increased need for power caused by these winter storms and the freezing cold temperatures that come with them. There are definitely politics involved here as far as the energy issue goes, but that isn't my concern at this moment. My concern is trying to help the thousands of families who are struggling to stay warm, to keep their families safe, to heat their homes so pipes don't burst and make their houses uninhabitable in this cold.

Here are a number of places you can donate to in order to help those in Texas affected:

Salvation Army - which provides shelter, aid and food to Texans

American Red Cross - who is supporting at least 35 warming centers throughout the state.

Houston Food Bank - distributing meals to those in need

There are many more organizations who could use our help, which you can here.