Science Says Junk Food Isn't Just Bad For You, It May Also Be Addictive

If you have ever tried to cut processed food out of your diet, you quickly realize that you have an addiction. Whether that's an addiction to carbs or sugar, it is real. I tried the keto diet last summer in order to dry to drop some stubborn belly fat that I had been holding onto and realized by day 3 that I had a serious addiction to bread and sweets. I thought I had been eating well all this time, but a little bite of a cookie here and a little piece of chocolate because my normal routine. When I removed them from my diet, I realized how much of these processed foods I was eating. I am no longer keto, but I am forever low carb. I love not feeling as achey, bloated and foggy as I did when I had regular bread and sweets everyday. Not to mention, I now treat those foods at treats and enjoy them much more since they are not an every day thing. If you want to see this theory in action, check out "The Magic Pill" on Netflix, it will change your mind about food.