Cicadas May Not Bite, but They Can Cause Hearing Problems

While they don't bite or sting, the cicadas are so loud they do have the ability to cause hearing damage. Crazy, right? The cicadas chip or "song" will be so loud when Brood X emerges next month that it will reach 100 decibels. What else is 100 decibels? Try a jet plane taking off, or a really loud concert. Experts say we should try keeping or windows closed, limited time outside, even wearing earplugs so the cicadas don't damage our hearing. While I had no idea they were this loud, I'm not surprised. 17 years ago my German Shepherd, Harp refused to go outside when the cicadas were out because they were so loud. I'm sure our dog Lia will have a similar issue.

So not looking forward to the arrival of Brood X. Are you a cicada fan or do they creep you out? Eleanor is terrified of bugs so I assume we won't be leaving the house for a month.