Six Habits That Are Making You Irritable

Real Simple released an article recently on the six habits that may be causing your irritability.

  1. You're Snacking on the Wrong Foods - if you're munching on sugary granola bars or chips they aren't going to do much for your brain, waistline or your mood. Ultra processed foods are found to lead to depression.
  2. You're Drinking Too Close to Bedtime - while winding down after a stressful day is sometimes easier with a glass of wine or two, it can often attribute to poor sleep and more irritability.
  3. You're Spending Too MuchTime on Social Media - research has shown that scrolling on sites like Facebook or Instagram puts you at a greater rise of depression.
  4. You're Skimping On Physical Activity
  5. You're Skipping Lunch
  6. You Forget To Give Yourself Some Love - Call it "me time" or "downtime", but whatever you call it just make sure you give yourself some!