Exercise Makes You Happier Than Money

Exercise makes you happier than money. At least, new research from Yale and Oxford shows people who exercise are happier overall, even if they make less money.

Okay, so how much extra money would it take to make you as happy as exercise?


You could be a total slug and never exercise. If you had an extra $25,000, you'd be about as happy as someone $25,000 poorer who did exercise.

There's a catch to it: you top out with the amount of exercise you can do to increase your happiness.

It seems the sweet spot sits at 30-60 minutes of exercise a day, three times a week maximizes your happiness.

However, I've got a sneaking suspicion time factors into the money/exercise happiness equation.

Did you ever know someone who got a promotion and a raise and seemed distinctly less happy after that?

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Think about the extra time that person probably puts in because of the extra workload. Depending on the type of job, it may mean no chance to do things for themselves, including exercise.

Remember when scientists talked about how $75,000 makes you happier? A lot of that money could be used to buy you extra time. Money spent hiring other people to do things like housecleaning, etc.

Combine that with spending that extra time on exercise, which floods you with endorphins that make you feel good...maybe all this really boils down to is having a little "me" time and how you decide to spend it.

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