Poison Control: "Don't Drink Bleach. It Doesn't Prevent Coronavirus"

The Blue Ridge Poison Center in Virginia wants you to know drinking bleach does not prevent Cornoavirus. They didn't say who might've tried this crazy idea, but the University of Virginia did send out a related notice to students.

This isn't the first time memes and conspiracy theories got out of hand about Coronavirus. Last week in France the Ministry of Solidarity and Health had to issue a statement to let people know snorting cocaine wouldn't help prevent Coronavirus.

It's safe to say that if a so-called "prevention" for Coronavirus involves internal chemical burns from bleach or potential addiction from an illegal substance, it's not legit.

photo: Getty Images

We're smarter than that. If you see something online about preventing Coronavirus, put it through a credibility check. If you can't find any sources linking the info to official channels, at least ask yourself how you'd feel looking back at things if you supposedly tried it. If the thought, "Okay, that wasn't the best idea," pops up, you've got your answer.

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