The Answer: Why We Kiss Under The Mistletoe

My Mom always hangs mistletoe in her house at Christmastime. Do you have it at your place too?

Why is it that we kiss under the mistletoe? It's a little unclear.

Druids might have hung mistletoe for good luck so maybe that's it.

A mythological Norse tale says mistletoe caused the death of Thor’s brother and the plant should not be ignored.

In the Middle Ages, mistletoe was associated with vitality and fertility.

photo credit: Getty Images

I did a little research and found that many years ago, men were allowed to kiss women under the mistletoe if there were berries on the plant to pluck. Once the berries were gone, no more kissing was allowed!

Have you ever seen real live misltetoe? It grows on the sides of trees and has pearly-white berries on it. The plant is sturdy and can survive harsh winter weather.

But ... mistletoe also kills the trees that it attaches to, draining it of it's vitality and fertility and keeping it for it's own- yikes!

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