This Wine Purse Lets You Drink Anywhere! [VIDEO]

Do you ever find yourself walking around and really needing a wine break? Well Bella Vita is here to solve those dry spell where a wine bottle and table is not around. 

Bella Vita's designed a line of handbags with a secret pouch for storing and pouring wine.

Each of Bella Vita's PortoVino totes can hold up to TWO bottles of wine, which you can pour into a refillable pouch and store in a zippered, insulated pocket within the bag. If you are dying for a glass of wine, you can unbutton a flap on the side of the bag, pull out the spout and pour yourself a glass.

Consider it the new must-have gift for the boozehound who already has a Guzzle Buddy, wine lipsticks, and a 'Keurig for vino.' You can pick one up at for $75 a piece!


Happy Drinking!

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