What You Should Spend On Valentine’s Gifts Based on Length of Relationship.


Ready or not, Valentine’s Day is just a couple weeks away. That means  it’s time to figure out what to get the one you love, or the one you’ve  just started dating. A gift doesn’t need to be expensive, but how much  should you spend? That all depends on how long you’ve been together and here’s a guideline from senior matchmaker and dating coach Lori Salkin.

  • A few weeks - You’ve been on a few dates and you’re  in puppy love, so it’s appropriate to give a token gift acknowledging  the love holiday. Pick up drinks when you go out to celebrate or find a  thoughtful, small gift for your unofficial partner in the $0 to $50  range.
  • A few months - At this point, things are getting  more serious and you really like each other. You might not want to go  all out for a fancy Valentine’s dinner, but finding some activity to do  instead could be cool. Something like going to see a concert, with  tickets you could get for $50 to $100, feels right for this stage in a  relationship.
  • Six months and up - By now you’re probably very  official and it’s okay to drop some dough on this Valentine’s gift, if  your budget allows. You could always do the romantic dinner deal, or  give a gift that’s more personal. Pick up that thing your sweetie said  they admired or something they mentioned wanting to buy themselves. Try  to keep it meaningful and around $100.
  • A year and up - When you’ve been together this  long, flowers and chocolates seem a little impersonal, so consider giving your long-term love something personal and substantial for  Valentine’s Day. Buying your loved one something they’d never buy themselves, like an expensive piece of clothing or jewelry, is always a  good move. And you can never go wrong with a card with a heartfelt message, because it really is the thought that counts!

Source: Elite Daily

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