WEIRD! Tarantula Burgers Exist!

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Bull City Burger in Durham, NC is celebrating "Exotic Meat Month" by serving a tarantula on a burger. Not a fried egg, or a helping of caramelized onions. A hairy spider. The act of eating one of these monstrosities is called "The Tarantula Challenge," because finishing the burger takes grit.  

Has anyone heard of a tarantula burger other than the one on Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs? Now served in a North Carolina restaurant. That is not what is for dinner! #tarantulaburger #tarantulas #tarantula #tarantulaburgerfordinner #notarntulaburgerfordinner

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The Tarantula Burger comes with 100% pasture-raised, North Carolina beef, Gruyére cheese and chili sauce, running a total of $30. According to Huffington Post, four people have successfully plowed through the Tarantula Burger. There are limited quantities, because the restaurant only purchased 18 zebra tarantulas, which thankfully arrived at the restaurant dead. Anyone looking to embark on the twisted challenge has to join a waiting list.

However, if you do complete the challenge and eat the 8-legged monster, all you'll get is this shirt: 

And so far someone has completed the challenge!

We've got a winner, folks! Martha are her entire burger, and now she's got the proof. She's the real champ!

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