Did You Know Katy Perry Had Her Own Shoe Brand?

Did you know Katy Perry had a shoe line?


I randomly saw a banner add for Katy Perry Collection annnnnnnnd ummmmmm I had no idea! At first I thought it was fake but after some research this shoe collection is legit! 

But this collection is as colorful and out there as she is!

Here is some background that I found!


Katy Perry is lending her support for a good cause. The singer and designer has been named the 2018 PSA ambassador for the 25th anniversary of QVC presents FFANY Shoes on Sale.

Perry, whose eponymous shoe brand launched in February 2017, is continuing her work within the footwear industry and will serve as the ambassador for the annual charity gala, which aims to find a cure for breast cancer.


She said in a statement, 

“This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart, especially because my aunt passed away from it in 1986. I have always been proud to support the cause and am grateful to have yet another platform to help find a cure.”


Source: Footwear News

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