Flight Attendant Delivers Lost Breastmilk To Mom!

When the Braverman family went to the Magic Kingdom for a vacation with their three kids under five, mom and dad opted to leave their littlest, four-month-old Brent, at home with grandma. Because as mom Rachel says, “we all know Disney at four months just isn’t magical for anyone.” So all during their trip, the mom of four was off pumping for little Brent to have plenty of milk when they got back.

Rachel says she packed about 100-ounces of breastmilk in her black travel lunch bag, stuffed it with ice, and stored it under the seat in front of her on the plane. And that’s where it sat as she, her husband, and her three kids under five got off the plane with all their other gear. Anyone who’s traveled with kids knows how easy it is to get sidetracked like that and this mom forgot her bag of milk.


As Rachel went to put the milk in her fridge, she realized she didn’t have it and burst into tears. But later that night, her husband got a text from Jeff Nowotny, the United Airlines flight attendant from her flight, who discovered her bag of milk on the plane. He told her he’d been keeping the milk on ice all afternoon and that he was currently in Miami, but would be flying back to Newark at 11:30 that night - and then he offered to drop off the milk at her house.


“It’s Mother’s Day and I know how important this stuff is,” Jeff told Rachel. “Don’t even worry about it.” How’s that for customer service? The mom was so delighted by this flight attendant going above and beyond to help her, a total stranger, that she shared the story to help make sure United knows what a wonderful employee they have in Jeff Nowotny.

Source: Scary Mommy

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