School Punishes Students Who Do Not Smile!

Turn that frown upside down — or else.

Northern Lebanon School District students in Pennsylvania must smile while walking the school's hallways or they will be punished, according to a report.

Students who don't wear smiles on their faces between classes will be asked to do so, and if they refuse, they will be sent to discuss their problems with a guidance counselor, according to the Lebanon Daily News.

Parents say the policy is misguided, and that administrators should instead focus their efforts on combatting bullying in the district.

The rule has not yet been written into school policy, but has been strictly enforced by assistant high school principal Benjamin Wenger, according to the report.

Education expert Dr. Steve Imber, a certified school psychologist and special educator, said he applauds any effort by administrators to increase students' happiness, but that forcing students to smile doesn't accomplish that goal.

Superintendent Bentzel said there is no truth to claims that administrators are forcing students to smile.

"We under no circumstances would ever force our students to smile," he said.

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