Man Pees On Airplane Seat In Front Of Him!


What could possibly be worse on an airplane than the person behind you kicking your seat? The person behind you peeing on your seat. That’s just what one man did on a Frontier flight from Denver to South Carolina. One woman says she saw the man, later identified as Michael Allen Haag, urinating on the seat in front of hers after he was moved there over bad behavior.

According to the passenger, Haag had been acting up the entire flight. He’d been moved several times into different seats for verbally and physically assaulting two other women. Haag is accused of having no boundaries touching a sleeping female passenger and even asked a different woman about her sex life.

Then, after being moved into the seat next to hers, Haag apparently unzipped down and began peeing on the seat in front of her. Two women had filled out statements to law enforcement, which state Haag may have been plastered after two double vodka tonics. One passenger says he look “intoxicated and possibly high."


Frontier Airlines spokesman Richard Oliver says, “The safety and security of our passengers is our top priority at Frontier. We have been made aware of this situation and are working with the appropriate authorities.” However, the woman says she was given an outdated complaint card with disconnected phone numbers. She called a booking agent who promised her a refund for her checked bag and a $200 voucher. In the aftermath, Haag has been arrested upon landing for interfering with flight crew, intimidating the flight attendant, inappropriate behavior and indecent exposure of his genitalia.

If you want proof that he did it, CLICK HERE (you see stream, not his willie)

Source: CBS Denver

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