Americans Are Not Visiting Their Local Landmarks!


There’s no doubt families spend a lot of money over the summer to go on vacation and see all the sites this country, and the world, has to offer. But it turns out, they could probably be saving themselves some dough if they just checked out landmarks in their own area, something a lot of folks are apparently not doing.


A new survey finds that 25% of Americans have never visited iconic landmarks in their own city, while 55% say there is a local landmark they want to check out, but haven’t yet. And while some may travel all over the world to see iconic destinations, 23% of American say they haven’t seen one iconic landmark in the country.

So what iconic destinations are Americans missing out on? Well, the poll finds that only 28% of people have seen the Grand Canyon, and only 33% have been to Niagara Falls. What’s more, 70% have never been to the Empire State Building, while 78% have never seen the National Mall in Washington, DC.


But it’s not that they don’t want to go. Americans' Top Ten bucket list destinations include:

  1. Grand Canyon

  2. Yellowstone National Park

  3. Statue of Liberty

  4. Mount Rushmore

  5. Empire State Building

  6. One World Trade Center

  7. Golden Gate Bridge

  8. New York Aquarium

  9. Space Needle

  10. Gettysburg National Military Park


As for why some folks haven’t gotten to all these things yet, it could be because 49% of people say they are a creature of habit and 43% of Americans find comfort in their regular routines. And there are more tangible reasons as well, with 51% blaming lack of money for why they don’t explore their neighborhood more, while 30% say they don’t have the time and are too busy and 18% blame it on lack of reliable transportation or someone to go with.

Source: New York Post

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