Mom Blasted For List Of Crazy Rules For Seeing Baby!

It is perfectly understandable for a new mother to be overly cautious when it comes to their new baby, with many being sticklers on things like washing your hands before touching the tot, or not visiting when you’re sick. But one mom appears to have taken things a bit too far, and the Internet is letting her have it.


A user who goes by the handle Frenchwolf86 on the Internet mommy forum Mumsnet asked fellow users if she was being unreasonable by setting a list of rules for folks who want to come visit her new baby. The woman then proceeded to share her list of 13 rules, some of which were reasonable, like “no kissing on the mouth,” and “wash hands with soap and water before touching,” and some of which were a bit outrageous, with one in particular standing out - “If you hold the baby you’ll be asked to help around the flat.” That’s right, this mom has the nerve to require people who want to see her baby to do chores around the house, and as you can imagine, folks went off on her because of it. 


“Is this for real? I doubt you'll get any visitors at all if you issue that list of rules! Or is that the idea...?,” one person wrote, while another added, “This can't be real No one is this ridiculous,” and another shared, “Helping around the flat is hilarious! I'd pass on holding the baby!”


Others didn’t think the mother’s requests were completely unreasonable, with one person noting, “I would have thought that that was all common sense when you visit a new born?,” while another added, “I sort of get where you are coming from with some of the rules, but I think it's a bit excessive. If anyone does anything that bothers you, just ask/ tell them to stop doing it.”

Source: Daily Mail

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