Things You Should Do Alone Even If You Are Taken!

Relationships can be amazing and getting to share your life with someone you love is incredible, but balance is important too. Finding a partner you like to spend all your time with feels so good, but being inseparable may not be good for your relationship. Spending time away from your partner can make the time you’re together even more meaningful, so doing these things alone can help you stay independent while you’re part of a couple.

  • Hanging Out With Friends - Your besties should still be a priority for you, no matter what your relationship status is, so making plans to see them without your S.O. is important, even when you’re head over heels in love.

  • Running Errands And Doing Chores - Couples shopping in the supermarket together may seem like #RelationshipGoals, but running errands doesn’t need to be a team sport just because you’re dating someone. Sometimes dividing and conquering your chores and to-dos is better because it gives you more quality time to do fun stuff together.

  • Practicing Spirituality - Keep doing what’s important to you, going to church, mosque, or for a walk in the woods to be one with nature. It’s okay to do it alone and a good partner will respect you for doing your thing.

  • Doing Hobbies That Your Partner Doesn't Share - It’s healthy to maintain your own personal interests and spend time doing things you love as individuals. So if knitting brings your partner joy but you’d rather race dirt bikes, keep doing what you love and support each other’s different interests.

  • Exercising - Some couples love to go for a run together, but lots of couples are at different fitness levels or have conflicting schedules that make exercising together a challenge, and that’s totally fine. You can enjoy your sweat sesh solo and so can your sweetie and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Relaxing - Sure, you relax as a couple, but having downtime by yourself is important too and relationship experts say it’s good for your relationship, too. Everyone needs to reset and recharge, even when they’re crazy in love.

  • Working - Your job is your job, not a dating activity, and it probably requires a lot of focus and attention, so why would you need to include your partner in it? It’s okay to keep your relationship stuff separate while you’re on the clock.

Source: Bustle

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