Airline Passengers From Hell!

Memorial Day weekend is here, and that means for the next few months travelers can expect to be packed into airplanes like sardines because it’s going to be very busy. In fact, a new report by Airlines of America claims that 246.1 million passengers, or about 2.7 million a day, will fly on a U.S. airline between June 1st and August 31st.

With all those people on planes, one thing’s for certain, folks are bound to encounter some truly annoying people, and now just revealed their annual “Passengers From Hell” survey, which asked travelers to rate ten different passenger types on a scale of one to ten, from most irritating to least.

So, what type of passenger would we least like to encounter on a flight? Well, that would be the smelly passenger, followed closely by out of control children, both of which were also the editor’s choice for the worst passengers out there.

Top Ten Most Annoying Passengers

  1. Smelly passenger

  2. Out of control children

  3. Passengers who recline their seats

  4. Armrest hogs

  5. Too much carry on luggage

  6. Passengers with weak bladders

  7. Chatterbox

  8. Passenger who does exercise in the aisles

  9. Arrogant and demanding passenger

  10. Window hogger 


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