A $1.2K Shirt Is Confusing The Internet!

In some people’s eyes, fashion is an art that can take many unique and interesting forms.

However, many believe that luxury brand Balenciaga may have taken things a step too far with one of their latest designs.

The fashion house’s “t-shirt shirt”, from its autumn 2018 collection, has bemused the internet, both for its aesthetic and its hefty price.

Costing a staggering $1,077, the t-shirt shirt is exactly what the title suggests; a t-shirt with a long-sleeved buttoned shirt pinned to the front.


According to the Balenciaga website where the top is available to buy, the wearer has the option to wear the t-shirt with the shirt hanging from the front or to wear the shirt with the t-shirt hanging from the back.

As can be expected, the top has been heavily mocked across social media.


Source: Independent UK

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