Waiting For Takeout Can Cause Stress & Anxiety!

University of Wolverhampton researchers had a group of participants wear heart rate monitors while they waited for a pizza delivery. 

They discovered about ten minutes after ordering, anxiety began to creep in, with participants checking the app they used to place their order and getting frustrated if their delivery time began to creep up. 


By the time 40 minutes had passed people started getting visibly irate, and after 50 minutes of waiting people felt lost if the wrong food was delivered or if the food wasn’t so great.

Ultimately, participant’s heart rates increased after ordering the food, and their stress levels increased throughout their waiting time. 

Behavioral expert Darren Stanton analyzed the study results, and says, 


“People order a takeaway as a treat – a way to reward themselves after a long week at work and to enjoy a relaxing night in with loved ones. This study shows that it can be the opposite of  this. However, with the four stages we’ve identified as fidgety, anxious, irate and lost, it’s easy to recognize the symptoms of Takeaway Trauma, so we can help others suffering from the condition.” 

Source: Daily Mail

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