Chilli Reveals a Wardrobe Secret

I was running errands yesterday when I decided to pop into a clothing store to do a little shopping. I headed straight to the clearance rack since I wasn't looking for anything in particular. I picked through dozens of clothes...and then a pair of pleather leggings caught my eye. It was marked down several times, so the price was right. The size? Not so much. It was a size 6. A bit too small for tight leggings. However, I decided to try it on anyway. 

I guess I didn't notice the waistband since it was folded over. When I pulled it up over my legs, I realized they were MATERNITY leggings! So, they fit. Perfectly! LOL. I laughed and hung them back up. Then I thought, wait...why NOT buy them? They were cute and comfy. I could easily hide the maternity panel with long a blouse/shirt. So...I brought them home and wore them to work today. 

I donated all my maternity jeans/clothes after I had my son four-years ago. Now I'm wondering if I should have hung onto them. Who wants jeans to dig into their tummies and create muffin tops? Not me. 

Toby + Chilli Mornings


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