Moms Demanded Breast-Feeding Suites At Work And Got Them!

Amtrak recently made an announcement that will make breastfeeding and pumping a little easier for moms who travel by train. They’re installing lactation facilities in five of their busiest stations. These self-contained, mobile pods are made by Vermont-based company Mamava and give nursing moms a place to sit and feed their baby or pump - in private.

The first four Mamava pods are coming to Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Chicago this summer, with the fifth one landing in New York City’s Penn Station this fall. And we can thank two working moms for starting campaigns that pushed for the change: Lacey Kohlmoosand Samantha Matlin, who both live in Philly.


Kohlmoos says she had a “rage-inducing” experience trying to pump at an Amtrak station and that prompted her to created a petition on the website Care2, asking the train service to provide a lactation room or a Mamava pod. Matlin experienced her own struggles traveling and pumping, so she created her own petition asking for lactation facilities.

Between the two petitions, they had 64,000 signatures, which helped get Amtrak’s attention. The company says they’ve been “working on developing practical solutions for nursing mothers in our stations for years,” but we’re pretty sure these two moms helped make it happen. And breastfeeding mothers everywhere say “thanks!”

Source: This Is Insider

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