Best & Worst Jobs Out There Today!

These days most people are just happy to have jobs, but we all know there are some jobs that seem more desirable to people than others. Well, a new poll conducted by CareerCast sought to find out just what jobs people think are the best and worst out there, and the answers may surprise you.

The poll found that Blogger, general practice physician, CEO, and teacher were all considered the best jobs by most people, but interestingly general practice physician and teacher also landed on the worst jobs list, alongside telemarketer and garbage collector. 

As for what makes a great job, the number one factor, cited by 50% of those surveyed, is salary, followed by environment and growth outlook. On the flipside, folks categorized the worst jobs as ones with tight deadlines, low pay, low growth potential, and poor working conditions.

And if given the opportunity to have any job out there, the top “dream jobs” to make the list include CEO, photographer, veterinarian and oddsmaker, with a “member of the Kardashian family” mentioned as well. 


Most Recurring Best Jobs 

  • Blogger

  • Physician (GP)

  • CEO

  • Teacher

  • Data Scientist

  • Photographer 

Most Recurring Worst Jobs

  • Telemarketer

  • Physician (GP)

  • Teacher

  • Garbage Collector

  • Assembly Line

Source: CareerCast

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