The Oddest Summer Jobs People Have Had!


Now that most colleges are out for the summer, with high schools ending soon, a lot of teens and 20-somethings will be looking for summer jobs, and there’s some good news for them.

According to a new Careerbuilder report, 41% of employers plan to hire seasonal workers this summer, with 25% saying they’ll pay, on average, $15 an hour, which is twice the federal minimum wage. And what’s even better is that 88% of those hiring expect those summer hires will transition into permanent gigs.

As for where folks will have the best chance at finding a summer job, the survey finds that employers in the Northeast are hiring the most seasonal workers (47%), followed by the West (41%), the South (39%) and the Midwest (37%)


And while you may think of summer jobs as working at the beach, or maybe a fast food joint, when you’re desperate for a summer gig, you’re often willing to take almost anything. Well,  the survey asked people to describe some of the more bizarre jobs they’ve had over the summer, and a few of them may surprise you.

Unusual summer jobs include:

  • Teaching ice skating classes

  • Ambulance driver

  • All-girl valet parking crew

  • Assembly line worker for loose-leaf binders

  • Candling eggs

  • Detasseling corn

  • Killing mosquitos

  • Picking pineapples in Hawaii

  • Scaring seagulls off roofs

  • Senior citizen softball league umpire

  • Worm farmer

Source: The Street

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