Are You A Nutrichondriac?

More and more people are cutting foods out of their diets because of perceived allergies or intolerance. A new study by DNA Fit that nearly half of the four thousand British adults studied believe they have a food intolerance to things like gluten and dairy, but most of them have never gotten tested. Only 15% of the group actually did! 


The trend has led to a knew label: nutrichondria, which is “a preoccupation with how diet can affect you negatively based on incorrect or flawed scientific evidence.” It’s becoming more and more common too.


Nutrition expert Rhiannon Lambert says people assume they have an intolerance and cut out whole food groups only to find out they were not negatively affecting them. Part of the problem according to Lambert is social media. There are many people giving anecdotal information about how “dairy is bad for you” and “gluten messes with your gut health.” Not true…unless you have a true allergy or intolerance. 


If you think you have a real intolerance, there are many tests to diagnose you now, so the best thing to do is visit a doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. And word to the wise: self-diagnosis can lead to other health problems if you aren’t getting the nutrients you need. So be smart – TALK TO YOUR DOC! 

Source: Daily Mail

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