Science Says It's Okay To Use Baby Voice On Your Dog!

If you talk to your dog in “baby speak” don’t feel foolish; science says you’re doing it right. Researchers call it “infant-directed speech” and it helps infants pick up on language cues. A team of researchers wanted to know if there are any benefits when humans speak that way to dogs, since most of us do, so they did a study. 


It turns out, according to the findings in Animal Cognition, speaking in “dog-directed speech” (DDS) holds dogs’ attention longer and builds the bond between you. The pooches in the study really didn’t care for standard tone of voice, but definitely perked their ears to DDS. And when dog relevant words, like “walk”, were thrown in it sure kept their attention even longer. 


So next time you’re talking to your canine and someone throws you a “you’re a weirdo” look, tell them it gets a scientific thumbs up! 

Source: New York Post

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