The Best Cities To Find Love!

If you’re looking for love, where you live can certainly play a huge role. Well, a new Expedia poll reveals the best cities for singles to find a partner and you may be surprised by which city tops the list.

While we may think Las Vegas is all partying and gambling, the survey actually picked Sin City as the best place to find love, with 37% of people saying they found their partner in Vegas. Coming in second is Miami, Florida, where 29% of singles have found love, followed by New York, New York, a great love spot for 27% of singles. Overall, the U.S. seems to be lucky for those looking for love, with six of the Top Ten cities in the U.S.


Best Places For Singles To Find Love

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

  2. Miami, Florida

  3. New York, New York

  4. Los Angeles, California

  5. San Francisco, California

  6. Cancun, Mexico

  7. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

  9. Maui, Hawaii

  10. Paris, France

Source: Daily Mail

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