These People Are Least Likely To Get Raises!

While we’d all like to think that if we work hard and are good at our job we’ll earn that raise we so richly deserve, but a new study finds that there are some groups of people who are less likely to earn that raise regardless of whether they deserve it or not.

A new report by Payscale finds that compared to white men, men of color are the least likely to get raises when they ask for them. In fact, they were 25% less likely to get that bump in salary, while women of color were 19% less likely. Meanwhile, overall, women asking for raises are less likely to receive them then men, but the survey found women are also less likely to ask, with 26% saying they are uncomfortable negotiating salaries, as compared to 17% of men.

The study of more than 160,000 respondents found that in general, no particularly group, racial, ethnic or gender, was more likely to ask for a raise, which, as study author Ruchika Tulshyan, notes “supports growing evidence that simply expecting people from underestimated backgrounds to ask for a raise will not close the wage gap.”

But on a brighter note, overall it seems as though most people will get a positive outcome when asking for a raise. The study finds that 70% of workers who asked for a raise got one, while 40% got the amount they requested.

As for the biggest reason workers are denied raises, about half say it’s “budgetary constraints,” although only 20% of workers don't believe that excuse. 

Source: Payscale

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