Millennial Airline Made For Young Travelers!

There’s no doubt airlines don’t necessarily make traveling a pleasant experience these days, but one airline flying in Europe is trying to do just that, at least for the younger generation.

As we previously told you, Air France launched Joon, their "airline for Millennials," back in December, and it’s certainly unlike your usual airplane trip. As one reporter who tested out the airline noted, most of the travelers were certainly younger, with no babies on board, and the flight attendants also appeared more youthful, wearing sneakers, T-shirts, and trousers or skirts.


The seats are different too, with the airline filled with leather seats equipped with adjustable headrests, USB ports and coat hooks on the front. Plus on the short-haul flights there are more than just your average snacks, including quinoa salads, mini tapas boards, smoothies and more.

Long-haul flights are even better, according to the reporter, with food that was considered “above average.” Not only that, for her 12-hour flight she got two meals, and they both contained calorie counts for those watching their figure. What’s more, if you want some thing better, you can actually pay to have a business class meal.


Another notable difference from other airlines - Joon’s safety demonstration, which features a video of the crew doing backflips, moonwalking and more. In addition, the entertainment system comes with 200 films and 150 hours of TV, which you can access even before you take off, and while you’re landing. They also have VR headsets that can be rented so you can watch programming in 2D, 3D and 180-degree virtual reality. Plus they come with noise-canceling headphones. 

Source: The Telegraph

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