Facebook Glitch Makes Users Profile Public!

Facebook says a glitch made millions of users' posts public last month. Apparently, the bug resulted in 14-million people having their default setting for new posts set to public. The error happened during four days from May 18th to the 22nd while Facebook was testing a new feature.

And in case you’re panicking, exhale – the social media platform DID go back and change those settings for users once the bug was discovered. On top of that, those users who were affected will be notified by the company.

On a related note…how close is “too close?"

Florida's Supreme Court is considering whether judges can be Facebook friends with attorneys. Speaking to the court, attorney Maury Udell said a Miami-Dade County judge should be removed from a case because she was Facebook friends with an opposing lawyer. Some justices on the Florida Supreme Court seemed to agree that judges should know better than to even appear to have a link to a case they're considering. Other justices questioned whether being Facebook friends really amounts to being "friends." There's no word on when the state Supreme Court will make a decision.

Source: Wired

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