Many Americans Do Not Want To Travel To Space!

When it comes to vacations, there are always beach people, folks who love to go camping, and others that love historical sites, but there are a bunch of private companies that hope one day to add space vacations to that list, but it seems Americans aren’t exactly open to the idea.


A new Pew Research poll finds that 58% of Americans have no interest in going into space, while 42% are definitely, or probably interested. Not surprising, Millennials are most open to the idea of space tourism, with 63% saying they definitely or probably would be interested, while only 39% of Gen Xers, and 27% of Baby Boomers agree. And when it comes to gender, men are more interested than women in space travel (51% vs. 33%).

Among those who are interested, 45% say they would want to travel to space to experience something different, while 29% would like to view the earth from space, and 20% want to learn about the world. On the flipside, of those who aren’t interested, 28% say it’s because it would be too expensive, while another 28% say it’s too scary, and yet another 28% say their age or health wouldn’t allow it.


As for whether such space tourism is even going to exist in the future, Americans are split. Overall, about half say it will happen in the next 50 years, while the other half say it won’t. 

Source: Pew Research

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