People Stop "Discovering" New Music By 30!

Let’s face it, as much as we think we are hip and in tune with the latest trends, we all get older and tend to love the things we’ve always loved growing up, especially when it comes to music. Well, a new survey just proved that last point, finding that most people stop discovering new music by the time they turn 30.

According to a British poll, which could easily translate here, 60% of people admit to being in a musical rut that has them listening  to the same songs over and over, while only 25% would be open to experiencing new music outside their preferred genre.

Folks interest in discovering new music certainly wanes over time, and 24 being seems to be the peak age for it, with 75% of respondents that age saying they listen to 10 or more new tracks a week, while 64% discovered about five new artists a month. Adding to that, a 2015 survey found that people’s musical tastes “matured” in their early 30s, and by 33 they stopped listening to new music altogether.

As for why folks stop discovering new music, it wasn’t for lack of interest, it’s more about time, with 47% saying they wish that had more time to discover new music. The survey also finds that 19% of folks are overwhelmed by the amount of choices available, while 16% have a job that’s just too demanding, and 11% are too busy caring for their children.

Source: Business Insider

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