A Lot Of Americans' Need Financial Help From Parents!

There’s no doubt as kids get older parents start dreaming of the day they officially become adults and leave the nest, but a new report finds that even if they leave, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be completely independent.

Turns out, in this day and age, a lot of folks are still mooching off their parents. In fact, one in three Americans are relying on getting an inheritance from their parents, with 

  • 36% of Gen X-ers

  • 32% of Millennials 

  • 20% of baby boomers 

are dependent on that family fortune. And it gets even worse for the younger generation, with 63% of Gen Z (those ages 18 to 22), counting on family money, even though 87% describe their financial decisions as “do it myself.”

Now those who are looking to make money on their own aren’t above investing their funds, even though 34% would describe the stock market as “volatile.” Overall, 57% of folks say they’ve made money in the stock market, with those in Gen X (67%) and older (68%) making the most financial gains in the market.

Source: New York Post

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