Metro Unveils New Washington Capitals Smartrip!

After Washington Capitals players T.J. Oshie and Matt Niskanen took the Metro to get Game 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup Final, Metro made a promise to create a commemorative SmarTrip card if they brought home the Stanley Cup. That promise has become reality as Metro has released the designof the limited-edition card on the eve of the Caps’ victory parade.

The SmarTrip card features a photo of the team together on the ice with the Stanley Cup after their championship-clinching Game 5 victory.


This is the first time Metro has created a limited-edition commemorative SmarTrip card celebrating a D.C. sports championship. Metro said this honor is usually reserved for presidential inaugurations and other events of national significance.

The cards will be sold for the standard value of $10 – $2 for the cost of the card and $8 in Metro fare included on the card.

The limited-edition SmarTrip cards are only available online and will take a few weeks to be delivered. To purchase the cards, go to

Source: Fox DC

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