The Best & Worst States For Working Dads!

We all know that being a working mom is tough, but it isn’t always a walk in the park for working dads either. These days, dads may not be the sole breadwinner in the house, but that doesn’t mean their job is any easier. And there are some states where it may be a little easier for a dad to be both a parent and a provider. 

Well, WalletHub has come out with their list of the Best and Worst States for Working Dads, looking at the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 20 key indicators of friendliness towards working pops. Such indicators include things like childcare costs, average length of work day for males, parental leave policies and more.


Based on all those factors the site has named Connecticut the best overall state for working fathers, with the state earning a 72.58 out of 100 and landing in the top four in all categories, economic & social well being, work-life balance, childcare and health.

Top Ten Best States for Working Dads

  1. Connecticut

  2. Minnesota

  3. Massachusetts

  4. District of Columbia

  5. Vermont

  6. New Jersey

  7. Rhode Island

  8. Wisconsin

  9. Delaware

  10. New Hampshire

On the flipside, West Virginia is the worst state for working fathers, earning just a 35.69 out of 100, and ranking particularly low for health and childcare.


Ten Worst States for Working Dads

  1. West Virginia

  2. Mississippi

  3. Nevada

  4. New Mexico

  5. Idaho

  6. Louisiana

  7. Arkansas

  8. Georgia

  9. South Carolina

  10. Alabama 

Click here to see where your state falls on the list.

Source: WalletHub

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