Job Hopping Is Happening More Often With Millennials!

Millennials get a bad rep for a lot of things. We eat too many avocados. We kill things like snail mail and Applebees. We job hop. Thing is? There’s usually a pretty good reason for all of these things. And when people wanna gripe about millennials job hopping – there’s a REALLY good reason: we’re trying to find the right fit.

The difference between millennials and older generations, is that the older generations were more motivated by money than meaning. Millennials? We’re all about finding meaning in what we’re doing with our time – even if it means taking a pay cut. And get this: a recent survey shows that millennials actually resign from their jobs three times as often as non-millennials.

That being said, being in your 20s means that if there was ever a time to quit your job for a new one, it’s now. The solution? Managers should be listening to their millennial employees more. Instead of assuming they’re disposable, look into how you can improve conditions so your millennial employees want to stick around.


Source: Kare 11

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