This Is The Biggest Cause Of Stress In Relationships!

There are certainly a lot of things that can cause stress in a relationship, but a new survey finds that the biggest stressor couples face is, no surprise, money.

A poll by AllyBank finds that 36% of folks married or in a serious relationship say money causes stress in their relationship, with that number going up to 44% for younger adults. The survey also notes that who are in a serious relationship seem to be a little more stressed out by money than those who are married (38% vs. 36%).

When it comes to the second-biggest stressor those who are married and those who are in a serious relationship don’t necessarily agree. Married couples say their health is their second biggest cause of stress (17%), while those in a serious relationship say it’s family (13%).

Meanwhile, when it comes to money, a big issue for couples is how to split the bills, and folks certainly handle that in different ways. Turns out, 40% of couples share all income and household expenses, while 25% split household bills and 20% keep all income and household expenses separate. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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