Working From Home Is Becoming More Popular!

It’s pretty apparent that a lot of folks would rather not have to wake up and commute into the office on a daily basis. A new survey by Robert Half finds that 77% of folks say they're more likely to take a job if it includes the option to telecommute, at least part of the time, with that number going up to 89% for those 18 to 34 and 79% for those 34 to 54.

Of course, the perk of telecommuting is more enticing to folks in some parts of the country. Overall, workers  in San Francisco and Los Angeles are the most likely to want to telecommute, which makes sense since previous surveys find they have some of the worst commutes in the country. On the flipside, folks in Salt Lake City and Pittsburgh least interested in being able to telecommute.


But while the idea of working in sweatpants may sound exciting, there are some downsides to working from home, which may give companies pause when deciding whether to offer it as an option. Although 19% of people believe there is no downside, others disagree. The survey finds that the biggest downsides include:

  • People abuse the benefit/don’t stick to work hours (22%)

  • Feelings of isolation and missing team environment (22%)

  • Interpersonal relationships suffer because you only talk by phone or email (17%)

  • Loss of face time may affect promotions/being offered new projects (12%)

  • No one to bounce ideas off (7%)

Source: Robert Half

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