Employees Do Not Like Co-Working Spaces!

These days, more and more companies are embracing co-working spaces instead of typical offices with the co-working industry growing 16.1% since 2007. While there are certainly plenty of benefits to such spaces, it seems most workers aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of them.

A new Harris Poll finds that 82% of Americans have a negative opinion about co-working spaces. As for what’s causing that bad reputation, 43% of people see them as lacking privacy, while 38% feel they are noisy and 31% think they are too crowded. What’s more, 51% of workers currently in a traditional office think co-working spaces are only good for young tech start-ups.

Not surprisingly, Millennials have the most positive opinion on such working spaces, with 35% saying they are great for collaboration and 33% saying they’re good for networking.

Another office trend on the rise in recent years is the open office aesthetic, but a lot of folks aren’t into it. Overall, 83% of those in traditional office spaces believe that private offices are just as needed as communal areas.

Source: Harris Poll

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