Homeowners Have An Average Of Nine Unfinished Projects!


According to a new study, 32 percent of homeowners have been putting off at least one home improvement job for 12 months or more — and the average American home has nine DIY jobs that desperately need attention, according to new research.

The study of 2,000 American homeowners, conducted by Porch.com, sought to uncover America’s “to-do list” around the home, as well as understand where homeowners make the biggest investments in their homes.

The findings show that the payoff can be worth it, but it can also take a tremendous amount of work to keep the average American home in shape.

For example, the average home has nine repairs, or DIY jobs, that need to be completed, with 57 percent of homeowners feeling their home was still a “work in progress.” 

In fact, only 10 percent of homeowners felt they were completely on top of their home maintenance tasks.


America's To-Do List: The Nation's Top 20 Home Improvement Tasks

  • New paint: 55 percent

  • Bathroom remodel: 30 percent

  • New carpet: 28 percent

  • Landscaping: 27 percent

  • Kitchen remodel: 27 percent

  • Drywall repair: 25 percent

  • Fix/replace door(s): 23 percent

  • Fix/replace window(s): 22 percent

  • Flooring repair: 21 percent

  • Roof repair: 20 percent

  • Deck/patio repair/installation: 20 percent

  • Re-caulking: 20 percent

  • Fix/replace faucet(s): 16 percent

  • Lighting installation: 15 percent

  • New tiling: 15 percent

  • Fix leak: 14 percent

  • Fix/replace tub/shower: 14 percent

  • Fix/replace toilet(s): 14 percent

  • Fix/replace plumbing: 12 percent

  • Siding repair: 12 percent

Source: Fox

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