Skills That Modern Dads Have To Master!

Being a dad today isn’t the same as in years past. It's a new era, which means dads need to have new skills.


According to a new survey, here’s a rundown of the top skills modern dads have to master:

  1. Cooking a meal

  2. Providing the best environment for a good education

  3. Guiding kids through college

  4. Setting up the home WiFi and a Netflix account

  5. Assembling furniture from a box

Other notable skills listed in the survey include…

  • Teaching a son how to shave

  • Untying difficult knots

  • Replacing a favorite toy when an old one breaks

  • Knowing the words of pop songs

  • Knowing how to braid hair

Other survey findings…

  • 80 percent agreed there are far more skills modern dads have to master now than their own fathers had to.

  • 57 percent agreed they spend more time with their children than their fathers spent with them when they were little. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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