People Share The Impressive Way They Got Someone's Number!

If you’ve ever wondered if you should or shouldn’t give your number to that guy or girl at the bar, a dating coach has given “how to” tips. According to Elite Daily, figuring out how to give your number at a bar can be difficult, especially if you’re shy or prefer to wait for them to ask for yours. Dating coach and celebrity matchmaker, Alessandra Conti, said to “bring up a specific activity at a natural point in the conversation.” She continued, “If you are tired of beating around the bush and have already developed a bit of rapport ... you can go for [the ask], but you don't want to come off as being immediately in love.”

She went on to list two more tips, “confidently close the conversation by giving out your number” and “let them reach out to you.” Conti said, “There is nothing sexier ... than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.” She then said to mention the specific activity, place, or event, you can then say, "It was so much fun to chat with you, but I have to run. Here, take my number.” Conti added, “There is no need to follow up with a text or a call. You are setting the stage for the rest of the relationship, and you deserve to be in a relationship that is 50/50. If you have asked [someone] out in person, it is now [their] turn to make the plan happen.”

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